Give your child the education and enrichment they need to be prepared for the next school year.
Barstow Global Online’s Summer Immersion program picks up where learning for many students stopped during COVID-19 campus closures. Our three-week online sessions combine live instruction from experienced faculty with meaningful and challenging learning that will fill in end-of-year gaps — and still give students time to enjoy their summer.

Each Class Features:

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  • Student–Teacher Engagement

    Two hours of live contact time with experienced teachers every week for up to a full calendar year if needed.
  • Convenience & Flexibility

    Students receive 2 hours of live time with their teacher every week, plus the flexibility to self-paced their classwork during the day, in the evening or on weekends.

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  • Small Class Sizes

    Maximum class enrollment of 20 students.

Summer Immersion FAQ

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What Barstow Parents Say

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  • Middle School Parent

    "Our children benefit from the structure and expectations of online learning. It feels like a true college prep experience as they practice independence and time management and experience personal growth."
  • Upper school parent

    “Our return on investment is far greater than the expense.”
  • Middle school parent

    “Thank you for making sure our children are ready to continue to learn at a high level!”
  • Barstow educator

    “These classes are of such quality and caliber of content, it’s like having a private tutor.”