Give your child the education and enrichment they need to be prepared for the next school year. Summer registration begins in March and courses start in June. 
Make the most of your child's summer by enrolling them in a Barstow Global Online course. Just like courses during the regular school year, students have access to  content on their own schedule, and two live hours per week with their teachers. You can choose from a short course (15 lessons), semester course (30 lessons) or year-long course (60 lessons).
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Summer Courses for Every Age

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  • A First Look: Conversational ASL

    Middle and upper school. Explore American Sign Language in 15 self-paced lessons, learn the foundations and dive into conversational ASL.
  • Art Fundamentals

    Grades 9-12. This course offers a sampling of two and three dimensional art processes in a variety of mediums and explores visual techniques with the elements and principles of art and design.
  • Coding in Python

    Prerequisite: Algebra 1. In fifteen self-paced lessons, you can explore the foundations of programming and dive into Python as a coding language.

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  • Do Dinosaurs Run Through Space?

    Ages 3-5. A short course for young learners that weaves together science, literacy, math, art and fine motor skills. Explore dig into the Jurassic era, then blast off into space exploration. Sure to spark their imagination and love of learning.
  • Music Appreciation

    Grades 9-12. Students explore music's various functionalities  to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for all types of music. Learn basic music literacy and core elements such as melody and rhythm, and multi-cultural music history.

Summer Class Features

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  • Student–Teacher Engagement

    Two hours of live contact time with experienced teachers every week for up to a full calendar year if needed.
  • Convenience & Flexibility

    Students have the freedom and flexibility to complete their classwork during the day, in the evening or on weekends.

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  • Courses For Ages 3-Grade 12

    Early childhood (ages 3 and 4), lower school (kindergarten-grade 5), middle school (grades 6-8) and upper school (grades 9-12).
  • Small Class Sizes

    Maximum class enrollment of 20 students.


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What Parents & Teachers Say

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  • Middle School Parent

    "Our children benefit from the structure and expectations of online learning. It feels like a true college prep experience as they practice independence and time management and experience personal growth."
  • Upper school parent

    “Our return on investment is far greater than the expense.”
  • Middle school parent

    “Thank you for making sure our children are ready to continue to learn at a high level!”
  • Educator

    “These classes are of such quality and caliber of content, it’s like having a private tutor.”