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The Barstow School
Barstow Global Online meets the growing demand for a non-traditional education and adds the proven value of a degree from The Barstow School.

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  • Accreditation

    Our curriculum meets a high standard of excellence and accreditation is awarded through self-study and data, feedback, and independent evaluation.
  • Flexible Schedule

    Our online, asynchronous environment accommodates different kinds of students, schedules and learning styles.
  • Quality Curriculum

    Barstow’s reputation is earned through 135 years of academic excellence and quality curriculum.

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  • Why BGO?

    Ideal for students who want acceleration and advanced offerings, year-round learning and additional courses to enhance their education.

Accreditations and Associations

Take single courses or earn a US diploma from a world-renowned and accredited private school. Students choose where, when and how they want to learn and BGO provides the rest: challenging courses, individualized support as part of a diverse community of learners.

Our Format

  • 1 course = 60 lessons for the academic year
  • 2 hours = average time to complete a lesson
  • 12 months = time available to complete course (most students complete courses in 9 months).

Asynchronous lessons on Schoology allow students to learn during hours best-suited to them, 24/7, at their own pace.

Live teacher availability each week for questions or discussion, plus an advisor for full-time students.

Who We Serve

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  • Elementary School (Kindergarten–Grade 5)

    Beginning in kindergarten and building with each grade, our curriculum feeds a child’s curiosity by turning “what if” moments into “what’s next” opportunities. Online classes are a great fit for the kindergarten-grade 5 student looking for acceleration, scheduling flexibility or the freedom to learn in a non-traditional environment that best serves their individual needs.
  • Middle and High School (Grades 6–12)

    Middle school instruction meets the unique educational and developmental needs of students in grades six through eight. The curriculum promotes the transition from concrete operations to more complex thinking processes in a supportive academic environment. Schedules at Barstow Global Online are flexible and customized to work around your student’s life. Student-athletes, actors, entrepreneurs, highly-motivated learners and more love the flexibility to pursue passions outside of school. We will work with you and your student to build a program and schedule that works best.

About The Barstow School

Barstow Global Online offers the rigorous curriculum of The Barstow School. Founded in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, in 1884, serves students in preschool through grade 12 on campuses around the world.