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The Barstow School
Barstow Global Online meets the growing demand for a non-traditional education and adds the proven value of a degree from The Barstow School.

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  • Flexible Schedule

    Our online, asynchronous environment accommodates different kinds of students, schedules and learning styles.
  • Quality Curriculum

    Barstow’s reputation is earned through 135 years of academic excellence and quality curriculum.
  • Accreditation

    Our curriculum sets a high standard of scholarship. Accreditation is awarded through self-study data, feedback and independent evaluation.
  • Summer Immersion

    Online sessions combine live instruction with meaningful content to fill in end-of-year learning gaps.

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  • One big advantage: online AP courses give students challenging content and the freedom to pursue professional interests like music, performance and athletics.

    Online Education is Much More than a Temporary Learning Solution

    Kellye Crockett, Director of Barstow Global Online
    Every year, a growing number of parents and teenagers opt for online school, whether it’s a few courses or full-time enrollment. The pandemic is certainly contributing to that growth this year, but numbers were ticking upward before that. Here are five reasons why flexible learning offers distinct advantages to many kinds of students.