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Founded in 1884, The Barstow School is widely recognized as an educational innovator. From a rigorous college preparatory school for girls to a thriving coeducational community of makers, doers and leaders, Barstow’s reputation is earned through 135 years of academic excellence and quality curriculum.
Barstow is a fully accredited independent school for students in preschool through grade 12 in Kansas City, Missouri with partner schools around the world. We launched online classes in 2012 and have continued to develop and expand our technology, tools, courses and grade levels ever since. The result is Barstow Global Online.

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    11511 State Line Road
    Kansas City, MO 64114

Our Team

Our school leaders brings decades of forward-thinking leadership and school management to Barstow Global Online. They embrace new technologies and innovative ideas to support student success.

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  • Shane Foster, President

    Shane Foster has been an educator, school leader and advocate for innovative learning for more than 35 years.
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  • Kellye Crockett, Director of Barstow Global Online

    Kellye Crockett brings over 20 years of experience in blended and online learning to Barstow Global Online.
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  • Rebecca Green Garry, Director of Admission

    As director of admission for The Barstow School and Barstow Global Online, Rebecca Green Garry will assist you in the application and enrollment process.
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  • Dr. Tom Niermann, Dean of Students & Registrar

    Dr. Niermann began his teaching career in 1990 and holds a master’s degree and a doctorate in history, as well as a master’s degree in school leadership.
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  • Scott Daniel, Director of Technology

    Scott Daniel is an accomplished educator with more than 30 years of teaching and technology experience and expertise.
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Why Barstow Global Online?

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  • Education Delivered Differently

    Barstow Global Online delivers 21st century education to students who need or want new ways to learn.
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  • Learn Without Limits

    We put the right technology into place so students can focus on learning the moment they log in. With virtual events, sample classes and an experienced support team, you can choose how you want to learn with BGO. 
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  • Take Us Along This Summer

    Whether you're staying close to home or spending summer on the go, BGO can go anywhere your student does.  Registration begins March 8, 2021.
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Accreditations & Associations

Barstow Global Online is powered by The Barstow School, an accredited K-12 independent school in Kansas City, Missouri.
Our curriculum meets a high standard of excellence and accreditation is awarded through self-study and data, feedback from members of the school community and independent evaluation.
Barstow is also a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and the Educational Collaborative for International Schools (ECIS).

Our Students

Barstow Global Online is ideal for students who want a challenging lower and middle school environment, and a college or career prep upper school experience without the constraints of a traditional calendar or commute. Our campus is wherever you need it to be. 

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  • The students learning from home

    When COVID-19 caused campuses across the country to close in March 2020, students suddenly needed a new way to continue their education. The Barstow School launched its robust online class schedule within days. These courses are the foundation of Barstow Global Online — now available to you at home or anywhere you have internet access.
  • The Unconventional Learner

    You embrace new technologies and trends. You want courses on demand, self-paced progress and individualized instruction.
  • The High Achiever

    Your abilities exceed the scope of traditional schools. You learn fast and are self-motivated to excel. High standards of scholarship and our AP® and Honors courses keep you engaged.

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  • Young Professionals & Athletes

    Athletes, actors and performers can pursue their passions and their education simultaneously. We work with parents, guardians, managers and coaches to accommodate multiple commitments.
  • The Student on The Move

    An excellent option for military families or students whose parents travel or relocate frequently. You’ll find consistency and connection at Barstow Global Online.
  • The International Student

    Developing global citizens is part of our culture. That makes us uniquely qualified to welcome international students to our virtual campus, where they can earn a recognized degree without leaving home.