We Listened to Frustrated Families & Created BGO to Deliver Education Differently

Kellye Crockett, Director
Trying to figure out what the best online school options are for your child is tough. I talk with frustrated, stressed-out parents all the time and I hear a lot of the same concerns from each family.
Maybe you share some of these common complaints about your child's online experience:

  • My child's teacher hates teaching online.
  • My student wastes hours each day in synchronous, online video classes.
  • We have chronic technology issues — internet reliability, device problems and tech tools that are implemented without teacher professional development.
  • The school is constantly reacting to problems as they come up instead of proactively creating a system that avoids addresses or avoids them.
I have some great news for you: It can be so much better! I know, because we created an online school that is better. Barstow Global Online (BGO) was founded on these principles:

  • Hire great teachers who are excited to build engaging online classes.
  • Give students flexibility and autonomy in their online learning.
  • Respect every family's time by requiring a maximum of two live online hours per week in each class.
  • Build a consistent framework for all online courses, thereby helping students manage their learning and feel confident in the technology that powers it.

If you believe there is a better way to learn online, I hope you'll join me to learn more about Barstow Global Online. RSVP for our upcoming virtual open house or a Teacher Talk, call or drop me an email. We’ll listen to what you want for your child’s online education experience, and help you develop that lets them learn without limits — the right courses, the right pace and the right place.

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