Online Education is Much More than a Temporary Learning Solution

THE BARSTOW BLOG | by Todd Race Esq.
Every year, a growing number of parents and teenagers opt for online school, whether it’s a few courses or full-time enrollment. The pandemic is certainly contributing to that growth this year, but numbers were ticking upward before that. Here are five reasons why flexible learning offers distinct advantages to many kinds of students.
Motivated Students Can Get Ahead
With online learning, motivated teens don’t need to be held back by classes that typically take a semester or full year to complete. Instead, they can choose from Barstow Global Online’s single course offerings that allow them to finish courses as quickly as they are able to complete the work. Many online high school graduates have earned their diplomas and moved on to college earlier than their peers at traditional brick-and-mortar schools.
Or They Can Take the Time They Need
Students don’t approach every subject equally. There will likely be topics that are more challenging than others. Just as Barstow Global Online allows students to move quickly through lessons they easily understand, middle and upper school students can also take their time to work through concepts that are more challenging for them. In an online class, a student doesn’t have to struggle to keep up or risk falling behind. The right courses at the right time and the right pace is more than a marketing message. It’s a method that ensures each student learns in a way that best fits their need.
Access to Challenging and Advanced Coursework
Barstow Global Online gives students greater access to top-notch academics and robust AP course selections. This is especially attractive to students in rural areas with smaller districts or those in larger schools that simply can’t offer all AP options during remote learning. Our curriculum is based on courses from The Barstow School, an accredited and internationally known independent preschool-grade 12 school based in Kansas City, Missouri. Since 1884, the school’s mission is to “promote sound scholarship and to give symmetrical development to mind, body and character.” That mission has propelled Barstow graduates to the best colleges and universities in the world — and into successful careers in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, the arts and humanities.
Flexibility, Freedom and Focus
Not all students fit neatly into one kind of classroom. Middle and high school students are also athletes, performers, and unconventional learners. Online learning gives each of these students freedom to pursue their passions and flexibility to continue training, performing or other activities while they continue their education. Just as importantly, online school can help students focus on learning without distractions like social pressures, rigid schedules or concerns about health and safety.
Affordable Options for Every Student
Maybe your student wants the rigor of a private or independent school education, but doesn’t need the programs that are part of an on-campus experience: extracurricular activities, meal plans and other in-person services. So why pay for it? At Barstow Global online, our goal is to provide an exceptional education at an affordable price whether you’re a part-time or full-time student. Costs and fees are clearly explained on our Affordability & Tuition web page.
    • One big advantage: online AP courses give students challenging content and the freedom to pursue professional interests like music, performance and athletics.